Bursting Free.
When life affords you a second chance.

Why you should buy Bursting Free:

  • Bursting Free is a stimulating, thrilling read and promises to keep readers intrigued and on the edge of their seat.
  • Bursting Free explores societal issues; This is a riveting story of overcoming horrible circumstances.
  • Bursting Free takes the character from darkness into light, the place where everyone who needs to be inspired wants to be – an intensely written novel which readers will be able to relate to.
  • Bursting Free directly inspires readers to hold on, and to have Faith, as even in times of trouble Life always affords an opportunity through our challenges.
  • This book was a slap in the face, in a good way of cause. It is and was a reality check”

    Odile Esau

    Radio Presenter
  • I only stopped reading it because my eyes were burning and I couldn’t keep them open any longer”

    Ricardo Dyson

  • Fantastic, fantastic absolutely fantastic!

    Kaydene Booysen

  • Bursting Free is an excellent read for young and older adults alike.”

    Theodore Herbert

    Parliament SA
  • Breathtaking, in every which way... ”

    Mark Domingo,


Ronell Groenewald

About the Author

I started writing from a very early age. My love for writing was actually inspired by my love for reading. Plainly, I am passionate about reading and always encourage my children to read, I believe reading is what makes one grow. My love for reading developed into a love for writing. As I my character developed through the years, I found it interesting to know how words are shaped and used in a sentence, I wanted to form the magical world of writing, for myself - and I did.